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Coal Fired Hot Water Boilers

Currently we manufacture models from 500KW - 10MW output. 3-Pass design with large combusution chamber and high thermal efficiency.

1.2MW coal boiler 2MW coal boiler 2MW coal boiler with fan silencers 4MW coal boiler for greenhouse system 4MW coal boiler 6MW coal boiler

And accessories

grit arrestor grit arrestor pressurisation system pressurisation system grit arrestor and fan layout boiler with coal bin 2MW coal boiler flue and coal bunker

Steam Boilers

We only service and recondition steam boilers , from 500KW - 10MW output.

Maintenance and repairs on-site, tube replacements, back endplates replacement, certified welding and repairs.

Steam Accumulators

We manufacture accumulators that support 10bar (150psi) presures.

steam acumulator steam acumulator

Electric Boilers

We manufacture 5KW - 500KW, element and electrode types.

High-temp Boilers

We manufacture 500KW - 10MW output.

For timber kilns, New Coil Type design for low maintenance and durability. Temps to 200c hot water steam, gas, oil, coal and wood-waste fired variants.

2MW wood waste boiler

Boiler Spares

Full range of parts stocked inculdes, gaskets, glasses, tube brushes, guage glass mounts, safety valves, steam valves and we also operate a reconditioning and exchange service.

Coal Stokers

Underfeed design and chain grate, for 100KW - 10MW capapcity.

2MW chain grate stoker

Timber Kilns

Pipe-work, heating coils, steam baths, control valves, kiln trolleys.


Wood-waste Furnaces

We manufacture systems of 500KW - 14MW capacity and combustion systems for retrofit to existing boilers.

4MW furnace furnace assembly 6MW  furnace 3MW furncae fitted to CB boiler

And accessories

Coal & Wood-waste handling systems

Live floors, augers and conveyor systems.

furnace-auger live floor hydrulics live floor inside bin wood waste conveyor lower wood waste conveyor

Wood Hoggers

Reduces waste-wood into acceptable sized boiler fuel, systems to handle up 2 cubic/m per hour.



Hot Oil Systems

50KW - 2MW Gas, diesel, coal and wood-waste fired variants.

Heat Exchangers and Econimisers

50KW -1000KW Gas to water, water-water, and oil-water systems.

Heat Recovery Systems

50KW - 1000KW, Utilising waste heat to heat water and air from flues, also condensate recovery.

Air Heaters

50KW - 1000KW, Diesel fired, gas fired, coal fired or wood-waste fired variants.

300KW air heater 300Kw air heater ducting

Energy Conversions

50KW - 15MW, Gas-oil, oil-gas, oil-coal, gas-coal, gas-wood-waste, coal-wood-waste.


Forced draught 500 CFM - 5000CFM ( cubic feet per min) and Induced draught 1000CFM - 20000 CFM.

Greenhouse Systems

Pipe-work design and installations.

Site Installations

Steam and hot water systems, certified pipework 'Asme IX'.



Aeroplane Hangers

Physical sizes up to 20x20 Meters.

15x15m hanger 15x15m hanger door down

Bi-fold Hanger Doors

Up to 15x6 Meters, motorised or manual variants.

bi fold hanger door bi fold hanger door inside


Wool Sorting Machinery

Pannex design, automatically sorts wool into 3 different grades.


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